2021 Summer Covid Policy

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Youth Conference Ministries
2021 COVID Requirements and Preparations

As always, the safety of all who attend a YCM event is of paramount importance to our staff, volunteers, and the YCM Board. We are looking forward to being with those who will attend our events in 2021.

While it is impossible to know what the future holds, we are prayerfully hoping that the positive strides that we see being made in the fight against COVID, will allow many students and their leaders to attend our events. We all assume some risk related to exposure to COVID and any other communicable diseases where people are present.

YCM and our host facilities will meet all local and state requirements as well as heed recommendations from the Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance prepared for the American Camp
Association (ACA) and the YMCA of the USA. The items in this document are being put into place to mitigate those risks to the best of our abilities. It remains that some of the items in this document are subject to change as we get closer to the summer. We will continue to update our procedures in cooperation with our host facilities and local authorities as needed.

Before camp:
➢ Healthy and safe summer events begin at home. We ask that student’s parents monitor their student’s health for 10 days prior to the start date of the trip. In addition, it is possible that at some venues we will ask for each person to present a current negative COVID test or a vaccine document.
➢ Students and/or leaders who are considered high risk for COVID or who live with family members who are high risk, should either elect not to attend the event or be prepared to take additional steps to mitigate that risk, before, during, and after the YCM event.

During Camp:
➢ Daily screening may be implemented at some venues, which will include touchless temperature checks and could include a COVID symptoms questionnaire.
➢ Housing, mealtime seating, meetings, and workgroups will be limited to church groups being kept together as family units, while practicing social distancing between other family groups.
➢ Outside facilities will be utilized when and where they are appropriate and available.
➢ On mission trips, contact with the owners of the homes where we will be working will be limited with social distancing or eliminated depending on the specific situation.
➢ If at any time anyone becomes ill or displays COVID symptoms, that person or persons will be isolated then upon guidance from camp leadership, youth leaders, parents and specific event venues next steps will be made including the possibility of sending that person home.
➢ Daily sanitizing will be provided by, either the host facility staff, or the YCM staff depending on the event that you are attending.
➢ All requirements set forth by the local and state authorities and the CDC will be adhered to concerning the cleaning of all parts of the facilities and could include the wearing of masks. The need for a mask will be determined closer to the camp dates.

➢ On mission trips, each person will be responsible for packing and labeling their own individual lunch. In addition, one person on each work site, with mask and gloves, will be selected to pass out food and refill water bottles.

After Camp:
➢ Each family should consider the level of risk for those living in the home and possibly have their student isolate for a time upon their return. Having the student get a COVID test should also be a consideration.
➢ Any student who tests positive within 7 days of returning from camp should report this to their group leader who will in-turn report it to YCM so that we can provide contact tracing with other groups from that same camp.

In conclusion:
➢ It is always our intent to honor Christ and provide events that are safe and encouraging to those who attend. We trust that the changes listed here will enable us to fulfill that intent

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