5.2.2020 YCM Update- A letter from CEO Tim Surratt

At YCM, our greatest hope is to offer events this summer to serve the church and present the Gospel to young people. Like so many camps and other events in our country, we have to wait and see how certain things unfold. Almost all of our venues are planning to be open, clean, and ready for us to host our events, but we also must be sensitive to the requirements of each state where our camps and missions are held.

The safety of our YCM family, our churches, and the people working at our venues are our utmost concern. Please know this. Our guiding motivation at this point is the care of our churches and the young people we serve.  We’re here for you. We’re praying for you. A virus can’t stop us from serving you and the local church.

We have collected deposits thus far, and I’m asking you to please understand that those funds have been spent in preparation for our camps, in non-refundable deposits to venues, insurance, band, and speakers.  At this point, YCM simply does not have the funds to refund your deposits. Should we be unable to offer an event, we hope to be able to apply those deposit funds to an event next year (or perhaps an event that may suit you this year, later in the summer).  We want to discuss all the options with you.

Please understand, we want to remain able to provide even better camps and conferences to you in the future, which impacts our spending and refund policies right now. Insurance carriers have made it clear that event insurance policies do not include COVID19 losses in their coverage.

We will be posting other updates as needed. The circumstances in our world are changing rapidly, and yet we remain expectant of the Lord’s blessing and opportunities to serve you.


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