The Great Escape: Rockies

The Great Escape: Rockies


Director: Bret Spiegelman
YCM: (423) 624-2495

** New for 2022- this will be a combo event! Bring both your middle school and high school students!


The unique aspect of TGE Rockies is the setting.  Western State College is nestled in the Gunnison Valley about 4 hours south-west of Denver.  TGE Rockies takes advantage of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Your groups can go rafting on the Taylor River (form downloads at bottom of this page), take a chair lift ride to the continental divide, go boating at Blue Mesa Reservoir or go shopping in Crested Butte.  Not to mention that there is hiking within walking distance from campus.  Add on top of that great teaching, outstanding worship, small group and family time where you can dig deeper with your group.  The TGE Rockies Team is available to tailor your TGE Rockies experience to your group’s individual needs.


TGE Rockies will begin on Sunday afternoon with registration and is over late Thursday night following the final evening program.  Housing is provided Thursday night, however, no breakfast will be served Friday morning and you should plan to depart by 8:00 AM.


All student and counselors will be housed in dorm rooms at Western State College.  You’ll need to plan on bringing a few air-mattresses as some youth may need to sleep on the floor.  Please know that it is important that we maximize space in every room in order to keep costs as low as possible.  We will not know your specific rooming arrangements until you arrive at The Great Escape.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided as part of your conference cost.  We will feed you beginning with dinner on Sunday night and your last meal will be dinner on Thursday.


* Actual camp schedules are tentative and details may vary.

  • Mornings include breakfast, a family group mixer, quiet times, a morning session and worship.
  • Afternoons include lunch, recreation, free time, and tournaments!
  • Evenings include dinner, evening sessions, aftermaths, counselor meetings, family time, and lights out


  • There should be one adult for every six youth you bring (1:6). There should be male counselors for male campers and female counselors for female campers.
  • Each student coming to TGE Rockies will need to complete a 2020 YCM Medical Release Form Leaders, please bring two copies of each medical form with you – one for you to hang onto & one to turn in to our staff when you register.
  • You can learn more about the school and local area by visiting and

Helpful Information & Details

The Great Escape: Rockies

Western State College
Gunnison, Colorado


Western State College
Gunnison, Colorado

Documents & Forms

Drop Date Info

Deposits for all conferences and domestic Son Servants trips are $100 per space; international Son Servants trips deposits are $150 per space:
  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • If drops are made before the deadline of May 1, 2021 (noon EST), the deposit per space is transferred to your balance due.
  • If drops are made after May 1, 2021, the deposit per space is forfeited.
  • Your FINAL PAYMENT is due on May 1, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended counselor/ student ratio?

We recommend that you bring one counselor for every six students. Obviously, if you have female students, you need a female counselor and vice versa.

When does camp begin and end?

The first scheduled event at every camp is dinner on the day of your arrival. Camp officially closes after the evening meeting on the fifth night (fourth night for FITS Gulf Coast). You are provided housing for this fifth night (fourth night for FITS Gulf Coast), but breakfast is not provided the following morning and there are no scheduled activities or meetings of any kind.

What does the cost include?

Cost includes housing for 5 nights. In most cases, all meals are also included. However, at some locations there is a free day scheduled when groups will be responsible for their own meal. Please see your handbook/facebook page for specifics. Cost also includes all materials and programming fees.

How many people are in a room?

We will not know the answer to this until you arrive at camp because numbers fluctuate continually up until the day camp begins. The minimum and maximum numbers per room vary from location to location.

Can we make housing requests? (i.e specific hotels, near another specific youth group, etc.)

The only housing requests we can guarantee are those related to a medical condition. If you need to make such a request, please contact the YCM office.

Do we need to bring linens, sleeping bags, air mattresses, etc?

This varies from camp to camp. Please check the handbook/facebook page for your camp.

Where do I get the med form?

You need to have two copies for each person – one to turn into us, and one to keep for your records. The form can be downloaded here.

When do I turn in the med forms?

You do not need to send these to our office – just bring them with you to camp. You need to have two copies for each person – one to turn in to us and one to keep for your return trip.

How do I register?

You may register online here. If you already have an account, please enter that information. If you do not, please click the link next to the statement “or, if you are not sure…” to figure out what your user name and password should be. (All user names and passwords are created using a standard formula.) You may also register by sending a deposit of $100/space along with a note including your contact information and the camp you would like to register for to: YCM 1200 Mountain Creek Rd, Suite 130 Chattanooga, TN 37405.

Is my deposit refundable?

Our policy is that all deposits are non-refundable; however, if you drop spaces before the 1st Drop Date for your event the deposit will be used toward the balance owed for your group.  Drop dates are provided on the individual camp pages.

If we fly, can you pick us up from the airport?

We do not provide transportation to and from camp. We recommend renting a vehicle because you will probably want it during the course of the week (see above).

We’re bringing a charter bus. Can you house our bus driver?

If space is available we can try to accommodate this for an additional fee. You may want to investigate other nearby hotels for your driver so he can get a good night’s sleep! Please contact the YCM office if you would like our help in housing a driver.

What age students can come to The Great Escape?

We consider this a middle school event, so it is planned for students in grades 6 – 8. We leave it to the group leader’s discretion as to whether rising 6th and/or rising 9th graders should attend as part of their group. More than age, maturity is an important consideration. (For example, consider if your rising 6th graders have been away from home before.) Remember, The Great Escape is counselor-centered, meaning you are responsible for your students at all times.

How much spending money should the kids bring?

There will be tables selling books, CDs, t-shirts, etc. at every event. In addition, if your camp offers a free day you will be responsible for whatever activities you decide to do. Also, most students will want money for snacks and drinks, etc. Finally, there will be an offering taken at every camp.

Describe the accommodations.

All Great Escapes take place on college campuses, with the exception of Southwind, Twin Lakes, and Midwest which are conference centers and Young Life camps. You will be housed in either dorm rooms or cabins depending on which camp you attend. For more specifics about your camp, please check out your Facebook page.

Will we need transportation once we have arrived at camp?

Technically, you could come to The Great Escape and never leave the campus until the end of the week. However, there is free time in the afternoons and many groups like to go off-campus during this time for ice cream, etc. In addition, several camps offer a free day for groups to explore the local area and groups need to provide their own transportation for this.
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