Son Servants Summer Staff

Being on Summer Staff is a growth spurt in faith, love, and who you are as a man or woman of God.  Such growth is made possible by the environments you become intimately close with throughout the summer.  Consistently in my experience as well as others, the adult staff, the high school students, the people you are serving, and other summer staff build you up in profound and life changing ways.

– Sam Hutchins, Summer Staff 2012

This experience took my Type A personality into a new world of flexibility, vulnerability, and inconsistency; however, I loved every minute!  God revealed to me how big He truly is by causing me to trust Him in new and exciting ways, and showed me His love through the different people I worked with all summer long.  The Lord really showed me the value of loving others well.  Summer Staff is not just a summer-long mission opportunity and meeting new friends; Son Servants Summer Staff it is a community – a family – made up of loving adult staff and life long friends.

– Courtney Janusz, Summer Staff 2013

“Traveling with Son Servants was one of the best experiences of my life. It is refreshing and rewarding to be surrounded by the people of God all the time. It is such a picture of heaven to be praising and serving constantly. I loved it!”

−Kathleen Katibah, Summer Staff 2011

Son Servants Summer Staff is a unique opportunity for college students who share a love of youth ministry with a heart for missions. As part of a dynamic community of believers, the Summer Staff’s primary function is to serve others, but in doing so they often find their own relationship with Christ has been deepened.

What Does a Summer Staffer Do?

The primary responsibility of Summer Staff is to serve the youth and adults on the Son Servants trips. Summer Staff will do a variety of things including lead work teams on construction projects, help with Vacation Bible School, give their testimonies, counsel students, pack lunches, set up chairs, lead small groups, and a plethora of other behind the scenes tasks which make these trips possible. The tasks Summer Staff are involved in are bound to stretch them, both physically and spiritually. In addition to all the tasks Summer Staff does, there is also time set aside for exploring their own faith and discussing all that they are learning throughout the summer with other members of the staff. These mission trips provide amazing opportunities for Summer Staff to experience true Christian community.

What is a Summer Staffer’s Schedule?

The Summer Staff schedule is exhausting and demanding. Staffers will be involved in anywhere from 5-8 mission trips in places such as Belize, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.  Each staff person will be completely absorbed in ministry for close to ten weeks, and the days can be long and hard.  From early morning wake-up duty to security after lights out, the summer staffer is busy doing whatever needs to be done to make the mission project a success for the youth groups in attendance.

Other Important Details?

Summer Staffers must be available from the first week of June through the first week of August and must have completed their first year of college or the equivalent. Summer Staffers must also raise their own financial support, a minimum of $2500.

What are the End Results?

In the final analysis, we hope that Summer Staff will help build young men and women who love God and want to serve Him in whatever calling He places on their lives. It is hoped that the Summer Staff program is doing its part to help mold a generation of young people who will make a difference for Christ!


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